Morticia Addams realness


Morticia Addams realness

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Breathtaking views show the stars, Milky Way, airglow, and light pollution over New Zealand skies.

"Here are images I captured during last months from New Zealand. Great country to catch colors of airglow almost everywhere…" - Petr Horálek

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j’ai tué ma mère (2009)


j’ai tué ma mère (2009)

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"Go low, go slow
Run like a polo
Up and down that pole
Like you’re goin up a yo-yo”

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Les Beehive – Dita Von Teese by Ellen von Unwerth



Republicans just killed a bill that would have allowed students to refinance their loans at lower interest rates because rich people would have to pay for part of it.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act didn’t even get past a procedural vote, failing 56-38. Warren said the bill was designed to ease the debts of 40 million Americans who collectively hold nearly $1.3 trillion in loans, at a stunning $30,000 per borrower.

Senate Republicans objected to the inclusion of the so-called Buffett Rule to pay for it, which would have raised income tax rates on rich people who obtain most of their income from investments. Raising taxes is a non-starter for the GOP in both the House and Senate. Just three Republicans signed on with the bill.

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Well color me surprised

Republican rhetoric involved cutting spending in domestic welfare bc they don’t want to leave our nations kids and grand kids in debt. In all honesty they want themselves, their kids and grand kids to get by with low ass taxes, tax loopholes, and corporate welfare. We, the nation’s kids and grand kids can be as indebted as possible bc we don’t matter. Those of us who benefit from social programs don’t matter. Those of us who would be helped by this bill don’t matter. It is clear that when republicans articulate the excuse of “not wanting to indebt our future generations” they only mean their own families who live wealthily already. Fuck them. Vote their fucking asses out.

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You might know where your forebears lived a few generations prior, but how about the exact village they came from — 1,000 years ago? Thanks to DNA sequencing, it’s now possible to find that out in many cases according to researchers from the University of Sheffield in the UK. The aptly-named GPS or Geographic Population Structure tool was modeled using more than 100,000 DNA signatures called AIMs (ancestry-informative markers). Since those are often typical to geographic regions, the researchers were able to pinpoint where subjects came from, even if they moved around later (see the video below). During a Sardinian study, for instance, a quarter of the test subject were located to their exact villages and the remainder to within 31 miles. You can even try it for yourself by getting a simple DNA test from 23andme or (for $100-200), then uploading the results to the GPS tool.

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track of the day #10

the black keys - fever

the black keys have finally dropped a new track and it’s absolutely brilliant

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Give Me Love - Demi Lovato (left ear) and Ed Sheeran (right ear)
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holy shit

My lord 😍

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Possession (Dir. Andrzej Zulawski, 1981)

this is most impressive performance i have ever seen. i don’t think it gets any better than what isabelle adjani managed to portray here. this was my first time viewing this film and it’s most definitely exceeded all my expectations and lived up to it’s colossal reputation. i am so moved by what i’ve just watched. 



American Indian Rapper SupaMan was just named as an MTV Artist of the Week

The news: Christian Parrish Takes the Gun. Remember his name.

The Apsáalooke American Indian hails from the Crow Nation Reservation near Billings, Mont., and on March 21, the MTV Iggy blog named him Artist of the Week from among hundreds of competitors.

What makes him special? Well, he raps under the name “SupaMan,” he sings, he makes crazy drum loops, he’s a champion powwow fancy dancer and sometimes, if you’re lucky, he does all four at the same time.

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This is from March but we’re just now seeing it and seriously, do yourself a favor and look into this guy because like whoa.

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Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you’re a kid?Léon: Always like this.
Léon: The Professional (1994)


Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you’re a kid?
Léon: Always like this.

Léon: The Professional (1994)

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