I haven’t read any of the Song of Ice and Fire series but I follow GoT faithfully. Tonight’s episode made me so uncomfortable during the rape scene, I looked away. I watched the episode again right after, because I usually miss stuff. Then I got online and found an excerpt of that scene from the books, and it was supposed to be consensual sex between Jaime and Cersei, so wtf?? She was literally saying ‘No’ the whole time.

I know the writers did this with Daenerys’ character in the first season, but why must this parallel exist for 2 of the strongest female characters? They get the worst flack from the male characters as they are supposed to be leaders.

They shouldn’t have to have to be violated sexually to rise up; they are supposed to find it within themselves, using the respect they get from people around them, to become strong characters.

Just saying. I am not a fan of tonight’s episode.